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yossi06 replied to The servers..

Know the feeling bud. Emailed a few times and wrote things on here and either get no response or told my email break the rules.  I have tried to play 2 games on wl today and both of them I h..

1:30 pm, April 12, 2020 Technical Issues

xxsunyuvxx replied to how does the investigation team take regarding ac hack and fut market ban?

@EA_AljoI was hacked, waited 4 weeks for a response via Email. I got it today and it said that I need to choose the contact via phone option. But I can't do that anymore because, my account has been s..

7:00 am, June 26, 2020 Technical Issues

xander57810 replied to banned

I didn't get anywhere by complaining to EA themselves, just kept getting Automated responses.  They tried to dress them up as unique responses, but looking through complaints I could see the..

2:00 pm, January 3, 2020 Technical Issues

willywell69 replied to We need a response about connection problems.

Eu tive o mesmo problema: perdi jogos que estava ganhando, perdi os pontos, os gols, mas os contratos foram consumidos e não é a primeira vez que isso ocorre. PQP!!! Que sacanagem é essa??? Não vo..

9:30 pm, June 8, 2020 Technical Issues

waqypaqy replied to Online button press delay/input lag

@EA_Cade hi. Thanks for the response. I changed the PS4's DNS settings to CloudFlare's one ( and unfortunately it's not made any difference.I played a few games of Pro Clubs with my previously..

10:00 am, April 8, 2020 Technical Issues

topchambers82 replied to Games lagging massively

Hi, already using ethernet cable instead of wifi. What is dmzing? Thanks for the swift response! 

9:30 pm, March 27, 2020 Technical Issues

tofu1209 replied to Fifa unable to retrieve account information

at help.ea they cant help either! its a JOKE! banned for no reason (the reason is i was playing against cheaters which disconnected me right after kickoff in draft), missing the weekend league on a ra..

9:30 am, March 17, 2020 Technical Issues

timurtheboss replied to Goalkeepers are useless but great for my opponents

If you actually say 'lets troubleshoot your connection' then please do one. Because that is now an automated response by you guys. 

2:00 am, June 27, 2020 Technical Issues

theworldwaits replied to Glitched and sold my 200,000 player for 30k grrr

I’ve just had a similar case, I sold Emilio Butragueno for 720k but he listed for 69k. I’m fuming!!! This was done on the app! I checked the price then submitted and the price changed. I’m waiti..

6:00 pm, April 15, 2020 Technical Issues

stuartduff replied to No response from EA Support for Open Help Case since March 29th

@EA_Cade Personally working within Technical Support for large technology company I think this could be one of the most infuriating and worst replies I have personally experienced with regards to a cu..

12:00 am, April 8, 2020 Technical Issues

starboyfest replied to your servers are all f*cked and you say nothing

Hi, please i play on PC too, i can play squad battles without problems but ever since I bought the game I can't play Division Rivals am always getting just the single RED Bar even on good connection.&..

7:30 pm, December 3, 2019 Technical Issues

snackreynolds replied to FUT Can't Login to Online Play, Xbox One

I appreciate the quick response, but this info does not help. I have seen this previously and it leads me to create a case and speak with a tech, but I cannot get a hold of anyone. Additionally, my ca..

1:30 pm, April 3, 2020 Technical Issues

smrzzi replied to Worst Game Ever

An admin has to answer this. We pay your salary. You have to hear us. F... i..... I'm spending my time on this game and just want it's response. If i do my job as * as you; i will kill my self. 

12:30 am, May 3, 2020 Technical Issues

shadwbomber replied to FIFA 20 crashes on PC every 10 mins

This is the crash dump file. Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 10.0.19528.1000 AMD64Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Loading Dump File [C:\Users\rpras\Documents\FIFA ..

7:00 pm, March 22, 2020 Technical Issues

sc0rcher_108 replied to Disconnections FUT 20

Hi @EA_Cade thanks for the response. It is definitely not my internet connection. I get kicked out of the game and pushed back to the FUT menu. Sometimes it shows the opponents squad loading..

9:30 am, April 10, 2020 Technical Issues

sarilacicubuklu replied to We need a response about connection problems.

Where are EA admins? Many people lost many matches due to EA servers during weekend. Many messages have been written there and Twitter (@EAHelp) but nobody respond this issue.  We pay money ..

10:30 pm, June 7, 2020 Technical Issues

rename120ads replied to There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers.

@EA_Cade Hi Cade,i've been waiting for over 2 weeks now for a response to my inbox. how are you going to be active on the forums but not replying to messages? i look forward to hearing from you?

1:30 am, April 22, 2020 Technical Issues

rename120ads replied to FIFA20 keep crashing since new update

@EA_Cade Hi Cade. still waiting on a response to my inbox. you've been active and are still yet to reply. but you still had the time to remove my comment. im waiting

2:00 am, April 6, 2020 Technical Issues

redds212 replied to Banned from transfer market

I asked them in an e-mail if my market ban will be carried on to next-gen of fifa. In response they first banned my account, then decided to lift the ban but remove fut club. I would advise not to con..

3:30 pm, June 9, 2020 Technical Issues

pascol3s replied to Can't load into Ultimate Team in FIFA 20

Thanks for the quick response. This fixed my problem!

8:00 pm, June 30, 2020 Technical Issues

pascalonegames replied to Division Rivals unplayable due to slowdown and button

@KhumukchamA the response time is different then I must change my way of playing to try to win, but at the end is only luckiness because you must guess 2/3 seconds before what you would like to do and..

8:30 pm, May 4, 2020 Technical Issues

pascalonegames replied to Division Rivals unplayable Division Rivals unplayable due to slowdown and button

@KhumukchamA the response time is different then I must change my way of playing to try to win, but at the end is only luckiness because you must guess 2/3 seconds before what you would like to do and..

3:00 pm, May 4, 2020 Technical Issues

panks618 replied to Can’t pick player from market

Hi. Many thanks for your response. I filtere with ‘top transfer’ program and max buy now set to 40000 coins.and trust me I am force refreshing every 2-3 seconds . After continued refresh of 5 mins..

3:30 pm, March 27, 2020 Technical Issues

oridamari1 replied to We need a response about connection problems.


7:00 pm, June 7, 2020 Technical Issues

olejakadudu7fold replied to Cannot play with friend

@EA_Cade Thanks to ea team for answering to this thread while yesterday Iposted one for an issue that I'm having with pro clubs and still had no response.

12:30 am, March 28, 2020 Technical Issues

nsholmberg11 replied to Advice for poor folks on November 10, 2019 6:01PM

Appreciate the responses. May just keep my serie a squad after all. After buying Mertens for like 85k on Xbox and now he’s 51. Literally almost a 1/4 of my clubs value, poof. Might as well wait til ..

6:30 pm, November 10, 2019 Ultimate Team General Discussion

nafantastico replied to 3 disconnected in a row in WL!

Thanks for you response. However, I did what you said and I attached my screenshot of the results. It will be a big help if you would kindly tell me what the problem is. Also, I did get my WL matches ..

5:00 pm, April 10, 2020 Technical Issues

mrnobody041 replied to Permanent Transfer market ban FIFA 20

@vik22aik Had the similar issue last Friday and requested for TOS review. No response yet, more than 72 hrs as they stated on their page. Really frustrating for that. I did nothing but bid some player..

12:00 am, November 27, 2019 Technical Issues

mh77944 replied to Wrong Verification Email Fifa 20

I'm having the exact same issue. Someone hacked my PSN account and changed the email address on the linked EA account to "****". I've literally been dealing with this for months and EA has b..

5:00 pm, April 9, 2020 Technical Issues

mellis23 replied to Sort out your game

My point being that ball overload is supposed to reduce stamina fast yet even though it has started to go down slightly quicker they can still out run fast paced players so it pointless reducing stami..

11:30 pm, March 8, 2020 Technical Issues

mattykav1987 replied to login verification issues

@beefbedouin I’ve the same problem and get the same automated, unhelpful responses. Absolute joke.

12:30 pm, April 5, 2020 Technical Issues

marino973 replied to Slow Gameplay and Sluggish Response (PS4)

The problem are not the specific EA servers.When you try the UOTr they test the ping to these servers, and it's basically fine. The problems are due 2 different stuffs: - First of all the tr..

1:00 pm, March 10, 2020 Technical Issues

marcomichele123 replied to Career mode issue

Sorry to tell you but they don’t care about career. You will never get a response. They’re just 🐀

1:00 pm, February 22, 2020 Technical Issues

majesticdrip9 replied to FUT champions kicking me off

The match finished the screen after the match just came up and i pressed the a button to collect coins for the match etc and it cut me off there i had already won the match and it counted as a loss th..

4:00 pm, December 14, 2019 Technical Issues

lordy13paul replied to Slow gameplay and sluggish response

Mines like this every bloody game servers are crap I had over 5m coins I’ve swapped teams that many tines thinking it’s the players but coming to understand it’s easport..

8:30 pm, March 30, 2020 Technical Issues

loadabaws replied to Fifa 20 objective not counting.

Replying as I would like to see response. i have same issue - have won 2 squad battles on legendary level but it hasn’t counted either of them. it has, however, counted my finesse shots (i..

5:30 pm, May 4, 2020 Technical Issues

lironel92 replied to Disconnected during a game - lost rewards

Happened again, and no response from you guys for two weeks.  

10:30 am, May 4, 2020 Technical Issues

lalalaala replied to Do you want an explanation from EA regarding in game delay? on November 7, 2019 6:50PM

Yes@EA_Rtas Instead of removing swearing from Post , why dont you give as an explanation why the game we paid for is impossible to play at times ? why I cant play in peak hours without the game feelin..

7:00 pm, November 7, 2019 Ultimate Team General Discussion

lIlIlIlIlIl replied to MattHDGamer RANT about EA servers on October 27, 2019 7:22PM

Opalsandbanonos wrote: » Tried asking why he took the video down but didn't get any response... Probably because his financial advisor thought it'd be imprudent to bite the hand that feeds him.

12:00 pm, November 6, 2019 Ultimate Team General Discussion

kochhar_22 replied to Keeps crashing error ce-34878-0 once i load into ultimate team

Exactly the same problem! I already got issues with twitch prime not received. Did not receive toty frenkie de jong too. Now this. I had no response to any of my tickets too. Let’s see what happens ..

8:30 am, February 29, 2020 Technical Issues

kochhar_22 replied to Did not receive toty frenkie de jong

@nateh16 I have the exact problem. Got told the same. Still no response though!

1:30 pm, February 23, 2020 Technical Issues

kiewilliams918 replied to Pre order packs

Thank you for the response. i don’t recall ever receiving those packs. As I said, weekly I received 5 rare gold packs but that was it. Cheers!

6:30 pm, March 6, 2020 Technical Issues

khtu1 replied to Registering to the current weekend league

@EA_Cade Thank you very much for the quick response! View in thread

5:00 pm, June 5, 2020 Technical Issues

jsbrandon1 replied to We need a response about connection problems.

Thank you so much for pointing this out. I've tried to play almost ten games over the course of this day (waiting hours in between to see if they would fix it. But nothing has changed. EA should do so..

1:30 am, June 8, 2020 Technical Issues

iic1984 replied to Fifa 20 servers list and location

Hello Darko, i have done  the Connection troubleshooting steps you have mentioned. Can you plase take a look at the results, i am from Romania playing on a Ps4, i have a  900+mbs/downlo..

1:00 pm, January 5, 2020 Technical Issues

ickybo100 replied to Fifa deadline day freeze in career mode

Hi Thanks for the response. Its on PS4

5:00 pm, April 2, 2020 Technical Issues

holland2215 replied to Lag compensation: is it the problem?

Funny how there’s no response from EA! What a bunch of jokers. Handicapping

6:30 pm, June 17, 2020 Technical Issues

hithere325 replied to Fifa 20

Thanks Barry! I have done that on Saturday morning and I’m just waiting for a response do you know how long that could take ?

11:00 am, June 8, 2020 Technical Issues

hernamator replied to Game crashing opening bronze packs

@EA_Cade  Would appreciate a response to this as soon as possible. It is unacceptable and please do not link me to the troubleshooting for the error CE-34878-0 It does not wor..

1:30 pm, March 28, 2020 Technical Issues

hautamaeki090286 replied to FIFA 20 is not launching, it shows 0xc000007b error

it doesn t work bro/you give the same exact response to everyoneID DOES NOT WORK

3:30 pm, April 26, 2020 Technical Issues

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