FIFA 20 crash to desktop


my FIFA20 on PC keeps crashing and I can't find the reason for it. I start FIFA 20 without errors and then while beeing in the menu, the game just crashes to desktop without an error or log entry in the eventviewer. I tried every fix I found, deactivated my Windows Defender, installed the latest drivers and updates, changing the directx-entry in fifasetup.ini, sfc shows no error. I recently installed a clean Windows 10, today I installed the latest Origin and downloaded all the FIFA 20 files again, game crashes.

My specs are as follows:

Windows 10 Pro 1909, latest Updates

Ryzen 9 3900X

32 GB Kingston RAM (using the high clock profile)

Gigabyte 5700 XT, latest Version 20.4.2 (overclocked by the vendor)

Gigabyte Aorus Pro x570, latest 12e BIOS

I also tried the clean boot thing where I disabled every non-windows services, exepct for the Origin services, closed every other programm, I even closed the FIFA Launcher window, same problem occurs after about 5 minutes. Changing the refresh rate in the game settings is no use as well. Clearing the cash didn't help either.

Please, is there anything else I can do? I just want to play some single player career Frown

Thank you

- Max

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