Accidental submission of sbc

I was making some 82-88 upgrade sbc's on the web app using squad builder to speed it up. When it suggested my moments ramos, tots reguilon and headliners orsic I went to remove them as I had before. However, when I went to replace Ramos I accidentally submitted the sbc. It did not warn me as I expected and was submitted the sbc even though I didn't want it to be. I know sbc's cannot be reversed, but surely they can be reimbursed, as I know players have been given back to people before. Ramos orsic and reguilon we meet members of my team, and I submitted so much of my club including regular and if van Dijk, prime pires and shapeshifter zakaria into this Ramos. I haven't opened the pack if that's an issue. Surely its possible to give some kind of compensation or reimbursement considering that the sbc was not meant to be submitted?


Posted in Technical Issues

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