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zzALii replied to Player career changes the shirt number

@Apo1500190050 Bit confused by your instructions. I’ve selected my desired kit number, saved it and quit. I’ve then started a new player career and saved that. Backed out and restarted the game. U..

3:30 pm, December 5, 2019 Technical Issues

zygron replied to Did not receive futmas boulaya

@jrdeath Have you still got the loan player also? I have the issue with Roussillon missing and my loan one of him dropped one contract. If I search from the club they both show up, but can't find thro..

5:00 am, December 30, 2019 Technical Issues

zyddraxx replied to Fix something with the servers!! - THIS GAME IS UNPLAYABLE IN ANY ONLYNE MODE !!

Gunoaiele astea nu merita un leu si voi bagati mii de euro, pai din cauza voastra se intampla ce se intampla in momentul de fata. Nici macar jucabil nu e, de ce i-ar interesa atata timp cat fac milioa..

12:30 am, December 19, 2019 Technical Issues

zxrgx replied to Unable to connect to the EA servers

@ibrahim2222653 I have the same problem but for me it's reciently just 3 days ago started to show a message that Say *SL_MoreThanOneDevicePopup, ir You get any answerd about this let me know please, a..

6:30 pm, December 29, 2019 Technical Issues

zumbann replied to Problem after buying a pack

Wow, I didn't know that. That was my second time I decided to buy a pack and I was sure that last time I could store it and I think I did. Maybe in that time that was a bug. My bad then,thanks for ans..

3:30 pm, May 1, 2020 Technical Issues

zthbyxl replied to FIFA 20 file damaged

Even I cannot delete that file. Is here someone who can help me, please!

5:00 am, June 13, 2020 Technical Issues

zoteni replied to Ps 2 controller problem when i use x360ce

Thanks for the reply , well no one seems to had this problem. I guess EA's anti cheat software BLOCKS the softaware. I think the generated .dll this software flags the game  because when i delete..

1:30 am, November 14, 2019 Technical Issues

zoomracin replied to Live Form not working

@EA_Cade LI will try that later thanks. Wouldn’t I need to keep my profile tho? 10 years in?

1:00 am, December 6, 2019 Technical Issues

zoecameron1977 replied to Hacked account

Someone logged into my account in traded in my 3 million coin team for a the April fools kit sbc it would be appreciated if u could reach out to me or show me a way of which I can retrieve back my tea..

10:00 am, April 4, 2020 Technical Issues

zockerutd replied to No squad battle points

Product: FIFA 20Platform:Sony Playstation 4What is your gamertag/PSN ID? Extrem_GamerWhich mode has this happened in? FIFA Ultimate TeamWhich part of the mode? Squad BattlesCan you tell us the date (M..

4:00 am, June 17, 2020 Technical Issues

znevel2more replied to Unable to connect to ea servers on PC platform

I have already done all of those and it still does not solve the problem. Here is my uotrace result. ..

2:30 pm, April 30, 2020 Technical Issues

zlcollinlz replied to Fifa 20 ps4 keeps disconnecting

I'm disconnecting all of the time too how is yours happening? I will join a fut champ or rivals match with 4 green bars and experience no lag whatsoever then it will just freeze and say you lost conne..

7:00 pm, November 16, 2019 Technical Issues

zizo32755 replied to My game crashes in fut friendlies right after we choose the shirts

@EA_Cade before I do thisDoes this mean that I will lose my fut squad

9:00 pm, April 28, 2020 Technical Issues

zizo-elgendy replied to When will Title Update #6 1.07 come to PS4? on

@MalaiKandas32 No one's care

2:03 am, November 11, 2019 Technical Issues

zizo-elgendy replied to When will Title Update #6 1.07 come to PS4?

@MalaiKandas32 No one's care

2:30 am, November 11, 2019 Technical Issues

zirom8940 replied to Squad battle rewards

Wondering when this get fixed... 

1:00 am, February 10, 2020 Technical Issues

zirom8940 replied to Pack luck

is it even possible to pack an icon out of a 7500 pack?

2:30 pm, March 19, 2020 Technical Issues

zirom8940 replied to Item stuck on transfercandidate list

Ok thx... gonna try

8:30 pm, February 11, 2020 Technical Issues

zirom8940 replied to Accidental discard

In the web app there is a option where you can recover your discard players. You can do it 5 times in a month and the players are listed by date.and it goes 7 days back... 

8:00 am, March 17, 2020 Technical Issues

zillasgv replied to FIFA 20 verification wrong email

My account appears to be hacked and they cannot do anything to help.  They are incompetent!  I have to verify my identification and sign into origin.  The email I can only choose to sen..

9:00 pm, December 24, 2019 Technical Issues

zidane739 replied to Server in Eastern Europe

They are RACIST... They simply wana make the western countries to win.... I am from Romania and my weekend league looks like this 90% germans(trash servers with big delays 2-3 seconds each move) 5% du..

3:00 pm, June 20, 2020 Technical Issues

zidane739 replied to Ping spikes, game is unplayable

EA really sux, EA is matching me only vs germans who have their own servers(90% of my matches are vs them)... They should move the servers into a country with better internet connection...

1:30 pm, June 5, 2020 Technical Issues

zhuzhuyiyi09 replied to Fifa 20 lag in friendly matches only?

Hi @EA_Cade  I have the exact same problems like @azzac004 , I am sure that my PS4 internet connection is very good, the NAT type is type 2, which is no problem. When I play R..

12:00 pm, June 18, 2020 Technical Issues

zhoukaka replied to Center Asia xbox FUT server is dead?

Please help check what’s wrong with the HK server@EAHELP@EA_Darko 

1:30 pm, January 29, 2020 Technical Issues

zenabitnasbor10 replied to Issue : unable to log into my ultimate team

For the past week, every time I get on fifa it gives me an “ unable to connect” message however It lets me log in to FUT anyway. I had disconnects after I had won WL matches (On 3-6-2020) . ..

2:00 pm, March 11, 2020 Technical Issues

zelziusch replied to FUT 20 Friendlies Issue

The thing is he can matchmake with randoms and I can too.

7:00 pm, February 20, 2020 Technical Issues

zekiakdeniz replied to Unbelievable game delay and button lag !!

@loma001 Do yourself a favour mate, delete your club right away and don’t buy the next one.Welcome to my world, ultimate team is controlled and designed by EA to make sure you don’t hit the higher..

2:00 am, June 22, 2020 Technical Issues

zealot1899 replied to Conmebol squad did not get credit for Icon Swaps objective

I’ve won 2 squad battles with my CONMEBOL team on world class difficulty. Except it doesn’t seem to complete the objective. What am I doing wrong? I have attached my team here.  ..

6:30 pm, April 25, 2020 Technical Issues

zamille1972 replied to Ultimate team freezing on start up

When loading ultimate team, keep pressing RB (on Xbox), if done fast enough you come off the FUT Central tab. You can then play the game. If you go onto the FUT Central tab, your game will crash. I on..

12:00 pm, March 2, 2020 Technical Issues

zalarm replied to Lag (100%) and script ?

@Gouleador Yeah would also like to hear someone from the staff , Fifa is a hellhole .Gameplay lags & feels like there is 3third player sabotaging the game

6:00 pm, January 5, 2020 Technical Issues

zakka1daa replied to Cant connect to Ea servers in Fifa 20

@mohdhammad2771 yup, we have paid for the game we cant even play

6:30 pm, November 19, 2019 Technical Issues

zahner78 replied to Banned for 72 hours and i am panicking

I've had the same problem on NHL. Out EASHL team (pro clubs) got deleted. I don't think that they would delete your FUT team due to this, but I don't know for sure. Have you been un-banned yet. Its be..

6:00 pm, June 9, 2020 Technical Issues

zachaaarryy replied to It won’t let me into my Fifa 20 UT

@ToughCookie2003 me too man, so bullcrap

1:30 pm, April 1, 2020 Technical Issues

zachaaarryy replied to Every time I try to get into fut it comes up with an error message

@ToughCookie2003 me too man, so bullcrap

8:00 am, April 1, 2020 Technical Issues

zach09281909 replied to Fut champs disconnect

same. I was at 13 wins needed 1 more for gold 3 and it was my last game. its the 33rd-minute I'm wining 3-1 and the game pauses and when it resumes it said I was disconnected from the Ultimate team se..

6:30 pm, June 7, 2020 Technical Issues

zRensen17 replied to 8 Days later and still havent got my players back

I still haven’t got anything back. And everytime I ask them, they tell me I need more patience or that other things have more prior. It’s really ridiculous man. If it takes a few more days I will ..

12:30 pm, November 18, 2019 Technical Issues

z1nkgames090503 replied to Disconnected from fut champs

This has just happened to me you pathetic tramps sort it out, working for such a * company. Not one company I despise more, you can’t even give a percentage of your lightning round earnings to peopl..

11:30 pm, May 2, 2020 Technical Issues

yusufjee replied to FIFA 20 on PC constantly crashing

Same here after the last update. Game crashing in the online division and I am losing every match.

3:00 am, February 15, 2020 Technical Issues

yusufhabila replied to Unable to connect to EA server on PS4

@RiSa_Sa_ZR wrote:it’s working now, I really don’t know what happened but suddenly I connected to Ea server. Thanks This is what mine has been showing me for the past 10 hours? ..

4:00 pm, February 21, 2020 Technical Issues

ytyt566yhhgtj replied to I got hacked and lost 500k

I got hacked i lost all of my players i had 93 ronaldo fut birthday cost fut birthday larzono 91 ter stagen and all my defences varan 89 linglet 85 87 somado I need help please 

12:00 pm, June 10, 2020 Technical Issues

yt4333ewss replied to New account on Xbox

Spoiler (Highlight to read)VV Spoiler (Highlight to read)  It worked every Fifa before this is far the worst Fifa officially 

9:30 pm, March 27, 2020 Technical Issues

yszeros replied to FIFA 20 has not launched since donwloading

@EA_Cade Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to do that and then I'll let you know.

6:00 am, February 29, 2020 Technical Issues

youssefhbkanan replied to Weekend League Connectivity

@calumstarkey I’ve had the same issue with one 2-0 and one 4-1 wins , both disconnected from EA servers

10:00 pm, March 21, 2020 Technical Issues

youssefhbkanan replied to Can I have my win back?

@calumstarkey I’ve had the same issue with one 2-0 and one 4-1 wins , both disconnected from EA servers

4:00 pm, March 21, 2020 Technical Issues

yourijwh replied to Game crashes on all platforms when scoring from a cross.

Happened to me in squad battles and weekend league on ps4. Already happened with a r1 cross and a normal cross

4:00 pm, March 28, 2020 Technical Issues

youngludaosa replied to I cant play a match on fifa 20 keep losing connection to the EA servers

@knownquiickz EA are starting to * me off I keep lagging out half way through online fut and squad battles, does anyone know how to fix this problem

9:30 pm, April 15, 2020 Technical Issues

younglion1997 replied to My account has banned from transfer market in FIFA 20.

@EA_Cade I tried doing what u just suggest and it's been 3 days no one has replied to me, does anyone know how to fix it please help

9:30 am, June 9, 2020 Technical Issues

younglion1997 replied to Cant buy players on transfer market on FUT 20.

@EA_Aljo It doesn't work, why is fifa like this pissing people off; its actually annoying waiting 4 days for my transfer market to be back on

10:00 am, June 9, 2020 Technical Issues

youlose236 replied to Connection in fut champions

@eduvas7 Do you know if they do anything about this because I've had 4 DC this weekend league it's ridiculous

11:30 pm, May 31, 2020 Technical Issues

youjustfut replied to In Game Leaderboard

@EA_Cade I see Justrgr on the companion app and my gamertag is Fifahour.?

7:00 am, April 26, 2020 Technical Issues

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