FixFifaaaaa replied to BAN Cheaters in Squad Battle on October 17, 2019 6:04AM
They are cheating 100%. There are cheats for pc like legacy defending,5 * skills,5* WF all players, every player 99 stats and there was a cheat in fifa 18 that you could generate your scoreline. Offline no one will report so maybe they don't get caught.
It's literally impossible to win every game on legendary with 5-0, 10 shots on target, 60% possession plus and do it for 40 games straight without fail.
Doubt anyone is that good especially on pc. Most of the would be from Esstern Europe, probably farming coins most likely.
Grezzerk wrote: »
I dont think anyone cheat playing squad battles mate. Some of us have played offline mode most past of out lifes. I was top once in fifa 18 and 19.

Pro players beat al hands down. Am crap playing online but will beat al any day after years of career mode.

Marcos Gomez is a pro who streams is sb games. Hes been top 100 sb this year already and its all on his Twitter. May pros have done it too.

U need to understand there are certain things, movement and angles the al doesnt understand. Not everyone cheats.

I lost just one game of sb while completing my sb icon swap. Some are just good playing al mate.

I am not patient enough with human opponents.

I didn’t think anyone was cheating either as you can tell from my comment up top until I looked at the comparisons. You shouldn’t see a difference of over 20k in comparison between pc and Xbox/PlayStation for elite 1. There will be a slight difference yes but not 20k worth.

Am only talking about ps4 mate. Never play a single game of fifa on pc all my life. All am saying is top 100 on ps4 is doable. U play the bronze team in ultimate and tough teams on legendary. But never say never with cheats anyways. But its absolutely doable to beat al 5:0 on legendary. U brain will be through the roof though. One thins about playing the al is u can pause and put your controller down to grab a drink, relax and come back to it. Till today i still prefer playing al to humans. They just **** u off with the bs playing real opponents online.

October 17, 2019 6:04AM Posted in Ultimate Team General Discussion

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