Jay1787 replied to Why is Squad Battles so mindnumbingly boring? on November 7, 2019 12:18AM
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Jay1787 wrote: »
Literally every game is an utter bore fest of playing against 10 men in the box and 1 player in midfield. All game you just try somehow to not have a pass or shot blocked from 30 yards out...

Why would EA intentionally make a game mode with every match so boring and the same?

Someone just lost to a 63 rated, 28 chem team on World Class

Nah. not today mate, that was last week. I lost to every bronze team I think with the exception of 2. I think it was bugged last week, every game I lose was the same. Went 1-0 up, lost 2-1 in the 93rd minute out of 92. Yet i beat all the gold teams easily. Was a really weird week.

This week is fine, don't think i lost yet. I do all my losing online.

November 7, 2019 12:18AM Posted in Ultimate Team General Discussion

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