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I have the same problem. Me an my brother have been playing Kick off mode on one Xbox against each other. In Fifa 19, we both had linked our gamertags to klickoff names and everything worked. Even results history was there for the whole season. In Fifa 20, we are screwed because he cannot select his linked kick off name (error: unable to retrieve kickoff data). So we tried to create a new kick off name for him and link it to gamertag. Doesn't work either. (AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN) - we are trying for 4 days now.

The only way we can play is when he selects existing newly created kick off name, presses Ready and then we can advance to teams selection. But not always. Sometimes it displays "cannot retrieve kickoff data" again and side select screen reappears with PLAYER1 and PLAYER2 names by our controllers, like we were offline.

It is a total disgrace. How bloody dare you to take money from people for this half working, broken piece of sofware. For the first time in my life I'm seriously thinking of switching to PES series. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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