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zlcollinlz replied to Fifa 20 ps4 keeps disconnecting

I'm disconnecting all of the time too how is yours happening? I will join a fut champ or rivals match with 4 green bars and experience no lag whatsoever then it will just freeze and say you lost conne..

7:00 pm, November 16, 2019 Technical Issues

zidane739 replied to Ping spikes, game is unplayable

EA really sux, EA is matching me only vs germans who have their own servers(90% of my matches are vs them)... They should move the servers into a country with better internet connection...

1:30 pm, June 5, 2020 Technical Issues

zhuzhuyiyi09 replied to Fifa 20 lag in friendly matches only?

Hi @EA_Cade  I have the exact same problems like @azzac004 , I am sure that my PS4 internet connection is very good, the NAT type is type 2, which is no problem. When I play R..

12:00 pm, June 18, 2020 Technical Issues

zenabitnasbor10 replied to Issue : unable to log into my ultimate team

For the past week, every time I get on fifa it gives me an “ unable to connect” message however It lets me log in to FUT anyway. I had disconnects after I had won WL matches (On 3-6-2020) . ..

2:00 pm, March 11, 2020 Technical Issues

xxdemolizexx replied to Will you ever fix your servers?

@Foughhh But It's Your Internet Connection - EA John.Lmao. They can't even be bothered wtf is happening with their game.

12:00 am, December 9, 2019 Technical Issues

xxdemolizexx replied to Unable to connect to ea servers fifa 20

@EA_Atic I have this problem on my account but when I play on different, I don't have any problems. Is this a internet connection issue? I don't think so.

8:00 pm, November 19, 2019 Technical Issues

wifi86123 replied to Input lag!!!!

same here I thought it was my internet but wrong they don’t do anything about it to fix the lag 

9:00 am, February 22, 2020 Technical Issues

waseemabdul7 replied to UO trace

Can you please check this UO trace? This one is on another internet connection. It is on 4g and I did all the troubleshooting steps  ..

7:30 pm, April 19, 2020 Technical Issues

vishnupradhan replied to FIFA Freezing during offline & Online gameplay. Fix needed.

Hey man I've been going through the exact same problem. Every other game on my PS4 runs well with absolutely zero issues but when it comes to fifa it keeps freezing and stuttering like you said and ca..

10:00 pm, June 26, 2020 Technical Issues

ucan replied to EA won't give us answers "Delay" on November 6, 2019 7:26PM

greggles wrote: » ucan wrote: » greggles wrote: » i don't actually get delay, maybe the odd lag spike but nothing major, must be lucky i guess then you are special mate i'm from the UK, ma..

7:30 pm, November 6, 2019 Ultimate Team General Discussion

tworaf replied to Fifa 20 server and netcode analysis (Now pros are messing with their connection to get an advantage) on November 3, 2019 2:56PM

Henzz87 wrote: » tworaf wrote: » Henzz87 wrote: » Just one question, how come i have never got speed up lag on any other online game? if the speed up lag was my internet? many games especial..

2:00 pm, November 5, 2019 Ultimate Team General Discussion

tworaf replied to Fifa 20 server and netcode analysis (Now pros are messing with their connection to get an advantage) on November 3, 2019 2:53PM

Retro_G wrote: » I always knew it was unstable connections ruining the experience for people with stable internet. Fifa is the only game you're forced to throttle your connection to improve the expe..

2:00 pm, November 5, 2019 Ultimate Team General Discussion

tworaf replied to Fifa 20 server and netcode analysis (Now pros are messing with their connection to get an advantage) on November 3, 2019 2:48PM

Henzz87 wrote: » Just one question, how come i have never got speed up lag on any other online game? if the speed up lag was my internet? many games especially shooters visually mask the lag. You ..

2:00 pm, November 5, 2019 Ultimate Team General Discussion

tjdaubrah replied to Post patch lag and stutter

I've done this many times and it is not working my Internet is fine and I cannot play Division Rivals as it just kicks me out. I want to know what is happening with the servers

7:30 pm, November 20, 2019 Technical Issues

tilen11 replied to Fifa 20 server and netcode analysis (Now pros are messing with their connection to get an advantage) on November 3, 2019 6:43PM

All the people here, that are saying "my internet is fast, wired, stable", he just explained it doesnt matter since if you are playing someone who doesnt have that, your gameplay will be slo..

2:00 pm, November 5, 2019 Ultimate Team General Discussion

tiger3956 replied to fifa 20 not connecting to servers problem

Internet is working good but cant connect to EA servers... 

2:00 pm, April 14, 2020 Technical Issues

tengatenganation replied to FUT Champions Disconnect 1 win away from 18 win player pick

Same here won my last match which was my 18th win was looking forward to opening the red player pick and they hit me with a disconnection even though the game was done.. so disappointed.. not the firs..

5:30 am, April 6, 2020 Technical Issues

szabman10 replied to I am competely done with EA and Fifa (countless disconnections to EA servers)

Hello!I havent got disconnected,but the server is lagging, very annoying. (PC) Lagging for a week.All EA Guy write the same all day and all night. "Please controll your internet connection."I would li..

7:30 pm, December 1, 2019 Technical Issues

strong09TYvZ replied to Ping

When i started the game the ping meter was showing 40-45ms... Sure enough the game starts and my players are lazy, can't pass to save their life, opponents plays full on press for the entire game with..

8:00 am, March 19, 2020 Technical Issues

stevay3 replied to [Squad Battles] - No Points for a win

FYI I just got done with the EA support chat. It is showing on EA's end that we are disconnecting/quitting. I have 250mgps internet. I didnt disconnect from anything. This happened with 2 matches.

8:30 pm, January 12, 2020 Technical Issues

ssnap1989 replied to Connection Problems - 4/14/20

Hi,  For the last 20 minutes I am unable to connect to my fifa 20 account from my ps4, or the web, or the mobile app. I have tried both with my ISP at home or cellular data, but the pro..

10:00 pm, April 14, 2020 Technical Issues

shinings878 replied to 1 bar red connection

I am on PS4 and when testing the internet speed  from the Test Internet Connection in the ps4 menus I get  47.2 mbps download  and  592.0 kbps upload.

1:00 pm, March 30, 2020 Technical Issues

shaheen756 replied to Keep disconnect every menu and match on fut

I have the same problem. I keep getting disconnected. My internet speed is great and I stay connected to PSN and everything else on my PS4, just get disconnected from Ultimate Team...Please fix this, ..

2:00 pm, November 18, 2019 Technical Issues

shaheen756 replied to Constantly disconnecting since the game launched!

@EA_Cade I am not. I am on Spectrum ISP in Massachusetts. I am on community internet that Spectrum provides to residential buildings so I do not have access to the router. However, FIFA 19 works ..

5:30 pm, November 11, 2019 Technical Issues

shaheen756 replied to Can't play FIFA 20 online due to EA servers

I have the same problem. I keep getting disconnected. My internet speed is great and I stay connected to PSN and everything else on my PS4, just get disconnected from Ultimate Team...Please fix this, ..

3:30 pm, November 17, 2019 Technical Issues

seantendo replied to No Opponent Found on Switch

I am having the same problem 2 days ago I got one match.  I tried to play probably 40 times but couldn't.  I could see friends online, but could not send them invites to play.  I got th..

3:00 pm, April 6, 2020 Technical Issues

sc0rcher_108 replied to Disconnections FUT 20

Hi @EA_Cade thanks for the response. It is definitely not my internet connection. I get kicked out of the game and pushed back to the FUT menu. Sometimes it shows the opponents squad loading..

9:30 am, April 10, 2020 Technical Issues

sarilacicubuklu replied to Demand my win and match

I read many same messages. Many people have same problem but nobody respond to us. We lost games due to your servers and we can't play remain matches. Why don't you respond? I think that admins w..

9:30 pm, June 6, 2020 Technical Issues

ruiterboi replied to Custom tournament crash

I have the same problem as well. It's incredibly frustrating. I've tried everything with the PS4, internet and the game itself. The gameplay wasn't worth the 60 bucks but this kinda trash really makes..

3:30 am, April 20, 2020 Technical Issues


yes yes * after * EA dont do nothing only collet money year after year even on offline matchs is the same old story speed lag all over again this is realy anoing a cant play on any FIFA 20  ..

8:00 am, April 21, 2020 Technical Issues


Not your fault man, probably getting booted off by your opponent. This has happened to me multiple times and only at the end of games. Ea will make you think it is your internet, but it is not. They d..

11:00 pm, April 7, 2020 Technical Issues

richie-mccaff replied to Fut champions

Anyone been lagging ?? I’ve been having weird player movement lag and players doing crazy passes and doing everything slow and just run bye where they should go but got no freezing or speed up lag i..

2:30 pm, February 8, 2020 Technical Issues

prco22 replied to Cant connect to online Friendlies

I have tried all that and nothing seems to be wrong with my or my friends internet connection. Every time we try to connect, after sending an invite to each other, message pops up saying " the op..

2:30 pm, March 24, 2020 Technical Issues

pipe_zamorano replied to division rivals keeps crashing ps4

No, it just happens. I’m playing, the screen freezes and it kicks me out saying connection was lost but It doesn't kick me out of the Fut menu. At first I thought it was my internet but I have a goo..

3:30 pm, April 2, 2020 Technical Issues

pdskipper11 replied to Unable to connect to the EA servers

I’ve got the same issue, on my sons Nintendo switch, won’t connect to the ea servers for some reason?! Internet is fine at my house and has downloaded any game updates without issue, simply won’..

6:30 pm, December 29, 2019 Technical Issues

paulyd0044c replied to The ea servers ar unable to process my request fifa 20

I 100% agree that the EA  support are unhelpful and do not provide any actual support for the issue. So, I can access the game, I have 300mb/s down and 160mb/s up, a wired connection and perfect ..

4:30 am, April 16, 2020 Technical Issues

pascalonegames replied to SERVER ISSUE (italy)

@Marcel173I have the same issue.I play with Origin.The issue began yesterday morning just after the update of Origin.I'm pretty sure that Origin is bugged.Because I reinstalled it and when I tried to ..

5:30 pm, June 12, 2020 Technical Issues

parsco replied to fifa 20 disconnected mid game

Pretty sure this is something EA should be fixing!! I’ve been through this troubleshoot and everything my end is fine, all my other games are fine, me internet connection is fine. I’ve now ha..

2:30 pm, February 13, 2020 Technical Issues


I 100% agree, its soo frustrating.. when you buy a game such as FIFa and this happens.I only play online on FIFA and this is SUPERRRRR Frustrating.. Its been like this for years..on different ser..

6:30 pm, April 10, 2020 Technical Issues

oridamari1 replied to button delay help please EA!

when they see that your UoTrace is good they will completely ignore your post. they are just searching for packet losses and high ping range.they don't have solutions for people with a good internet c..

11:30 am, December 22, 2019 Technical Issues

onetwo3kid replied to Experiencing latency

@dariogieselaar I dont think they are going to reply to you .. 😢They will just blame everything on your internet and will refuse to blame themselves .. Its a simple as that . All the forums are ful..

2:30 pm, December 6, 2019 Technical Issues

nishantsalhotra replied to Matches disconnecting in Fut Champs

@EA_CadeI am still facing the issue today. In all game modes in Fifa 20 (inside and outside FUT). Was able to complete only 3 pro clubs games without interruption and 1 online FUT draft game. Have bee..

2:30 pm, February 9, 2020 Technical Issues

newnsy replied to Division rivals fifa 20 opponent disconnect before game starts all time

Everytime I play rivals I get into the game and then it kicks me from the server after a while. I'm still connected to internet just EA server j think...

2:00 am, December 23, 2019 Technical Issues

navysealned replied to Kicked off FUT server mid game

I also been having the same issue for the last 3 nights and the help team are a load * . No help what so ever. I have hard-line my Xbox and great internet. This ea is a load of * . Been hacked aswell ..

9:30 pm, February 13, 2020 Technical Issues

naveed007777 replied to Can't connect to ea server after updating PS4 version 7.50

I have tried open DNS, and resetting router, wired connection, WiFi, reboot PS4 but still not working. I downloaded UO trace software but it doesn't run because of China internet maybe. I tried with v..

4:00 pm, April 16, 2020 Technical Issues

natwer83 replied to Disconnecting from squad battles

For some days now I keep getting disconnected during squad battles and lose the game with 3-0 and getting no the game is straight connecting again, the problem is not my internet connection..

5:30 pm, February 6, 2020 Technical Issues

n00n5t3r95 replied to 4 Disconnected Games While I was winning

I contacted them, they literally said it’s my internet and nothing on their side, apparently everyone has trash internet and EA are perfect 

8:30 pm, June 28, 2020 Technical Issues

muhenduj replied to 100 mbit internet connection still too laggy gameplay

@EA_Cade thanks for reply. I will follow steps when i arrive home

9:00 am, November 14, 2019 Technical Issues

mteles0112 replied to Multiple second input delay

Please fix this game. Gameplay has been in slow motion for days. To add the time between I signal and a player responds is so delayed the game is virtually unplayable. I have tried just about everythi..

6:30 pm, April 1, 2020 Technical Issues

mrgiallorossi replied to Fifa 20 lagg regardless of fixing internet makes the game impossible to compete

@PicantePython it has been like that since they switched to dedicated servers and nothing will be fixed as long as EA make that much money even when their game is as bad . it seems like the only ppl t..

9:00 am, January 17, 2020 Technical Issues

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